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Finding a good builder is always hard. Nowadays, there are so many rogues about, you just don’t know where to look. I got recommended a builder by my architect who took £19,000 of my money and then bankrupted his business. There was nothing I could do. All I had done were my foundations and a little bit of brickwork on my (what would be) side extension.

I found the guys at Hardbrick through Kam’s aunty who recommended him as they used to live next to us many moons ago. After picking up the pieces from where the rogue builder left off, Kam had to rectify so many of his bodge-jobs, such as having a copper pipe running in the middle of the poured concrete. He never complained, accepted the challenges and got to work very fast. His bricklayers flew the bricks up in only 2 days, I was astounded. One tea break and that was it. I couldn’t believe my eyes! A builder who works fast and only has one tea break.

I had a pitched roof and Kam let me choose which tiles I wanted on the roof, but told me which ones would match the local area. What I like about Kam is he never asked for a cup of tea once. Whilst the lads would have one, Kam said that until the job was finished, only then would he sit down for some tea and custard creams. So, we waited until the job was done and we both enjoyed a relaxing cup of tea with his beloved custard creams.

I had no headache and I enjoyed having the team around. Me and Doreen miss them, especially when we remember how hard they worked to create our dream home.

Malcolm Thorpe
I first approached the team at Hardbrick after previously having a builder who did more harm than good. After meeting Kam, he explained the process of planning and the actual build.

Due to the nature of my work, I return home very late, so it is hard to see what is done. Kam understood my situation and would regularly text me and send WhatsApp videos to show what they were working on so I knew we were on track for a quality build. Kam explained that for him, time is of the essence, but a good quality build is more important. What really made me trust Kam was him being on the job every day. My previous builder who worked on my mother’s house was nowhere to be seen for weeks at a time. If Kam couldn’t make it on a day, he would let me know in advance.

Understanding truly does work both ways, and I have never come across a tradesman with such a high level of professionalism. Kam used premium window profiles which looked excellent. He also removed the stress of the Severn Trent’s build over agreement. He applied for the process and all I needed to do was sign. He also arranged the camera surveys so that I did not need to be present. It is rare you come across people who care for your family whilst works are going on, but Kam would also visit my mother next door to see how she was. As I am not at home most of the time, it was nice to know that he was always around.

Kam then saw the faults of my previous builder’s bathroom fitting. He identified what needed to be rectified by installing a wet-room directly below the previous builder’s fitted bathroom. It is good to know that there are good builders out there who care for your home as if it was their own. I truly do recommend the team at Hardbrick Construction.

Dr Khalid Mahmood
I moved to the Midlands not so long ago from Hertfordshire and needed a builder to make a rear extension for a kitchen and bathroom, so I gave the guys at Hardbrick a call. I already had Building Regulations drawings and plans because my friend is an architect and he advised it, but I wanted to find the right builder to make my extension. Kam guided me through what stages would be done when in great detail, which told me he knows exactly what he was doing. So, we signed contracts and got the ball rolling!

Within 2 and a half weeks, my shell was built. I'm retired, so I spend a lot of time at home anyway, but I got to spend time with the team as they were working. I would ask a lot of questions, so many that I could probably be a builder myself now! Mid-sweat, the team would tell me exactly what they were doing. Because the previous rear wall which got removed had a toilet attached to it, I feared that we wouldn’t have a loo downstairs, which wouldn’t be good news for my wife due to her circumstances. Kam built a wooden frame, a stud I think is the proper name for it, and he attached the cistern onto there so Sandra wouldn’t have difficulties.

It’s just nice to have genuine people who don’t see money as the only thing. They want to see the smile on your face and their plumber, Reggie, made sure my existing plumbing allowed my old kitchen to still work. This was nice as we would have found it very difficult to live at home without their care. Thank you ever so much guys!

Calogero Russo